About us

Founded in 2018,

EXTR:ACT is the European platform to increase the recycling of beverage cartons and similar fibre based multi-material packaging.

Focused on the technical process of such multi-material recycling from start to finish, we work with the entire value chain to ensure fibre based multi-material packaging is designed with the life cycle in mind as well as able to be collected, sorted, recycled and reused in varying markets.

Our mission:

We are dedicated to raising awareness around the importance of recycling as well as supporting innovative and operational technology that supports the recycling of fibre based multi-material packaging in Europe. Through value chain collaboration, we are helping to ensure beverage cartons are collected and recycled at competitive levels and costs.

Our vision:

We will coordinate with and support stakeholders in the recycling value chain in Europe, with the goal of facilitating optimized collection and recycling systems for fibre based multi-materials whilst securing the industry’s competitiveness.

Our purpose:

To play an active role in scaling up the recycling of fibre based multi-material packaging across Europe in order to increase the contribution to a truly circular economy.

We want to ensure our fibre based multi-material packaging contributes to a circular economy for Europe and we will work with partners to develop and implement new and innovative initiatives and investments.